Indigenous Vengeance

Indigenous, LGBTQ, Genderqueer [Ze/Hir or feminine pronouns], feminist, Photographer, Screen Printer, Painter, Activist, Artist, amongst other things.

I will be documenting important issues on this Tumblr like my activism work, native appropriation, homophobia, etc. I will also be taking photos of important things happening on campus like various protests, important speakers, and the like. I will ALSO be putting up my works of art, photography, words, etc. along with anything interesting I find on Tumblr.


Jude Schimmel speaking at UNITY (United National Indian Tribal Youth, Inc.) 2013

Butchie Eastman drumming at UNITY

and my Waswagoning Youth Council presenting their workshop on Synthetic Drug use on the Lac du Flambeau Reservation …at UNITY!

Los Angeles, CA

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